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Chai Shai etc..

Chai Shai etc.. is a dedicated project aimed at empowering the rights of every woman in an underprivileged society to make a difference. We provide gainful employment which can be vital to help achieve upwards social mobility and economic stability leading to better life chances for all. The NGO provides tea stalls run by team of underprivileged women. We aim to open 500 such outlets across India.

What is unique about Chai Shai etc.. ?

  • Enabling women to become independent
  • Providing a quality cup of tea with mouth watering snacks
  • A clean hygienic food preparation environment
  • A pleasant ambience enjoyed by all our customers

  • Vada Pav
  • Poha
  • Paratha
  • Masala Tea
  • Sabudana Khichdi
  • Sabudana Vada
  • Upma
  • Green Tea
  • Misal Pav
  • Sandwich
  • Coffee
  • Ice Tea
  • Maggi
  • Pav Bhaji
  • Sheera

Welcome to “Chai Shai etc..”, a novel experience of an age old tradition. We serve tea with an added serving of attention and care towards your individual customer needs. Be a part of our friendly ambient environs to relax and unwind with the perfect cup of tea served to you by our dedicated team. We carry our Indian heritage in every cup, simmering bubbling bursting with flavor - you can taste the nostalgia of Indian Tea. Houses carrying the traditions of memories past. Service with a smile, a cup that lingers with its warmth.

Our aim is to help women deliver excellent service without compromising on taste, hygiene or tradition. We provide meaningful employment to women fighting to establish themselves - helping them travel the distance from underprivileged to honorable.